Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Decoupage Minions Wood Guitar Music Box

I bought a DIY music box craft kit for my son to do in summer holiday.

The music box is a mini-guitar. That is so lovely!

The music is from the theme song of a Japanese cartoon called 'Castle in the sky'. My son loves it so much!

This music box is easy to make. The shapes are pre-cut. We just need to use glue to stick them together.

Originally, we wanted to draw something on the guitar. But it seems quite difficult to draw tidy lines with acrylic colors as the surface of the guitar is not flat.

Suddenly, I remembered that I still had some decoupage glues left. Thus, we tried to find what to be decoupaged.

Finally, we decided to cut Minion figures from magazines and food box for making decoupage.

First, we used acrylic color to paint the background of the guitar.

Then, we decoupagde the front side with Bob from a food box. As this was a thin cardboard, it was more difficult to fix it tightly.

For the rear side, we cut the Minions from a magazine. The paper was just like the newspaper. That was thin. Though easier to stick on the guitar, too much glue might destroy it. Thus, we had to stick this side very carefully.

The most difficult part was to fix and stick the wires to the top of the guitar. This part required some patience.


But we finally done it. This looks quite well with a stand to hold it!

Now it is on my son's piano. That really looks great! We all love it!

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