Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kids Activity - 7 Non-traditional Jenga Block Games

We have a set of Jenga blocks at home. We like to play them so much.

Besides playing them in the traditional way, my son and I brainstormed some other ways to play with them.

We had much fun with these games. Share them with you here!

1. Build the tallest 'building'

With no limit on number of blocks to be used, try to build the tall 'building'. Who can build the tallest one will be the winner.

2. Build the strongest 'building'

With limited number of blocks, try to build the strongest 'building'. How to judge which one is the strongest? We used the remote control car to help us. Your opponent uses the car to crash the 'building'. The building that can tolerate greatest number of crashes before falling down can be won.

3. Build the most pretty architecture

Use the blocks to build an architecture that you think is pretty. Invite a third person to be a judge to choose a more pretty one. To be fair, do not tell the judge which one was built by whom.

This one was built by me.

This one was built by my son. Which one is better?

4. Driving game

Use blocks to build some roads yourself and then drive the remote control car along them. See who can drive smoothly without touching any blocks.

5. Parking game

Use blocks to set some parking areas. See who can park the remote control car in the right position.

6. Build a bridge

Build a bridge to let the remote control car drive over it safely.

7. 'Draw' the body

I found this in the web. Just use blocks to surround your friend's body. I think it will bring a lot of funs to children.

source: Art Bar

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