Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainbow Popsicle Sticks Pen-holder

I bought a pack of colorful popsicle sticks for my son long time ago.

These sticks are special as they have 'teeth' for building up easily.

I planned to build a small house with my son. But my son did not want that and the pack of sticks was put idle for a long time.

Recently, my son saw the pack again and told me he wanted to make a pen-holder with them.

Oh! What a good idea!

We decided to make a rainbow color pen-holder.

But after finishing it, we discovered that it was too big. Some shorter pencil and pen would lie horizontally under the pen-holder.

Also, we found that it was quite difficult to stick the bottom with a cardboard.

We had to think some way to make some vertical layers and to stick the bottom cardboard tightly.

Finally, we used a few colorful strings to solve the above problems. With strings, vertical layers can be made and they prevent the bottom from falling off.

Also, coloring strings are pretty and creative! We love it so much. How do you think?

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