Thursday, January 22, 2015

DIY Minecraft Lego Fridge Magnet Clock

Recently, I found magnet sheet which could be printed in ink-jet printer in a craft shop.

 I bought one to try with my son.

My son likes Minecraft very much recently. He wants to make some Minecraft figures magnets.

We tried to print the figures with the magnet sheet.

But it was failed. I guess it was because our printer does not accept the thickness of the magnet sheet.

But this doesn't matter because the magnet sheet allows us to draw on it too.

However, I chose to print Minecraft figures instead of drawing them because it was difficult to draw the pixels by hand.

We found some Minecraft figures by Google search and then printed them out by color printer.

Then we sticked them onto the magnet sheet and cut accordingly.

The effect is quite good.

My son likes that very much. He always play with the magnet figures.

To make them more funny and useful, I used the figures, Lego and clock movements to make a clock on the fridge.

How do you think?

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