Sunday, December 21, 2014

8 OMG X'mas Trees that can play or make with kids

If you don't mind to buy something to decorate your house, below are some OMG ideas to make X'mas trees with your kids.

1. Crystal X'mas Tree

Some craft shops have 'crystal powders' for making this.

2. Lego X'mas Tree

3. Candy X'mas Tree

I think this one is very good for party.

4. Plastic Glove X'mas Tree

5. Tutu X'mas Tree

Put a star on top and some lights will be perfect!

6. Doilies X'mas Tree

7. Cupcake Liner X'mas Tree

8. Crochet X'mas Tree

I like the following 20 modern X'mas Trees too. If you have time, click below link to have a look.

For more X'mas Craft Ideas, please go to:

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