Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Give Help to People Battling Cancer - Cards of Hope

I received a message from Cards of Hope recently, requesting for donation of items for people battling cancer.

I have donated some craft kits. But what I can help is minimal. I hope that more people battling cancer can get donations. Thus, I would like to share information about 'Cards of Hope' here. Hope that more people can make donations and more people battling cancer can get help.

Cards of Hope is an international program held by Lacie Hester. She sends out inspirational cards to people battling cancer. For children on the list, she sends out cards with stickers, temporary tattoos, coloring pages, bookmarks and etc. Monthly, she sends out care packages to everyone to help pass their time during Chemo and Radiation.

She has about 450 people currently enrolled worldwide. Of that 450, 400 of them are children. Most the children enrolled are between the ages of 5-9.  She normally gets about 2-4 new requests a week to have a child added. Any donation would be so welcomed.
Below is the website for Cards of Hope:

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