Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 X'mas Kids Crafts - Non-Paper Special Ornaments

Christmas is coming. Are you thinking how to decorate your house?

I want to put some ornaments around the house this year. But I do not want to buy them. Because I think that those selling in shops are boring. Most of them are colorful balls only.

I want to make some easy to make but special ornaments with my son.

I surf around the web and found some great ideas! Instead of using paper, they use special materials like felt, button, beads, wooden peg dolls, pom pom, tissue rolls, egg cart, cork, perler, yarn, wire, etc.


Beaded ornament:

Cork ornament:
unknown source
Button ornament:

pom pom ornament:
straw ornament:
yarn ornament:
wire ornament:
unknown source

wooden clip ornament:

Perler ornament:
unknown source
Ribbon ornament:
unknown source

Plastic bottle ornament:
 unknown source


For more interesting ideas on making ornaments, please go to my Pinterest:

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