Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kids crafts - fruit juice carton robot

My son and I made a robot with fruit juice carton a few months ago.

He played for some time and then forgot it.

My son always like that. Whenever there is new toy, he will play a lot.

But after a short period of time, he will forget it.

Before throwing it away, I want to take a record for it. Because this is quite interesting and complex to make.

This robot is special.  

There is a straw at its back. When you blow air into it, its arms will raise up, the 'guns' on the shoulders will come up and the legs will be longer.

I think you can guess, this is because there is a balloon inside its body. When the balloon gets big, the legs and shoulder guns will be pushed out.

There is a thread linking both arms inside the box. If the balloon gets big, it will push the thread up and thus pull the arms up.

The other special thing is that, its head can be changed. If you are tired of the existing robot face, you can draw another one, stick a short straw behind it and put it back to the 'neck'.

Below are the draft on how to do the robot.

This waste us a lot of time to make it. But I like doing this kind of crafts with my son. This is much better than playing computer games, ipad, etc. lol!!

Maybe you can try to make one with your kids. : )

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