Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kids crafts - DIY Puzzles / Birthday Card / Photo Frame?

My father's birthday is coming soon.

This year, I want to make him some unforgettable thing, instead of buying him a gift.

Time really flies, I note that he is getting old recently.

He forgot something that had happened just two months ago.

I think we must not delay to show him that we love him.

Or, one day, he may forget all of us!

That is not what I want to see, but a thing that may happen soon.

My father will be seventy five years old very soon.


I looked at the blank puzzles that I had bought for my son, and suddenly had an inspiration.

I decided to make the puzzles a birthday card, as well as a photo frame.

At first, my son and I painted rainbow colors on the puzzles.

Then I wrote 'We love you!' on them.

I think writing 'We love you!' is more meaningful than just saying happy birthday.

As old people do not like white color, I guess my father does not like that too. (We use white color in funerals.)

Thus, I painted the remaining parts in yellow, instead of leaving them white.

Then, I put a family photo on the supporting frame,

made a stand with carton box.

Finally, I will ask all family members to sign on the back of the puzzles.

Hope that my father will like this special gift! We all love you!

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