Sunday, November 24, 2013

Clocks made by Stitchery Loops

I like to do crafts and home d├ęcor in a creative way.

One day, when I walked around a crafts shop with crafts supplies, I had an inspiration suddenly!

Why not make clocks with stitchery loops?? That is easy, pretty and cheap!!

And more important, you can design and make your own clock. And when you feel boring with the current design, you can change it!

Thus, I started to design the first DIY Wall Clock.

Besides the stitchery loop, I tried to find the clock movements. That was great! They were all in the crafts shop.

Then I bought gunny cloth for the clock surface and some colorful buttons in another place. I think that dull color of the gunny cloth has big contrast with the rainbow color buttons, that will make the clock special.

I put them all together and that really looks good.

How do you think?

For the second one, I used pom pom on the clock.

This looks funny!

But I think painting the clock arms to sharp colors is better.


The next one I used some die cut plastic butterflies and flowers to make it.

I use pink color cloth this time. I think girls must like that!

It is easy to make stitchery loop wall clock! Steps are as follows:

1. Put the cloth onto the stitchery loop and screw it tightly on the loop.
2. Sew the things on the clock surface.
3. Assemble the clock movements.
4. Cut away redundant cloth around the loop.
Stitchery clocks can have a wide variety of designs. 
I may try to change its size to a bigger one, paint it to another color....
I may use other materials on the clock surface, e.g. felt, cross stitch sewing, old jeans, etc.
I may find some clock arms with different shapes and color, and stick something on the arms, e.g. butterfly.
I still have many many inspirations........

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