Friday, July 19, 2013

Plastic Bottle Recycling - Eating Utensil / Pencil Holder

We stored a lot of used plastic bottles at home.

I discover that besides making kids crafts, it can be used as a eating utensil or pencil holder to save space and make things look more tidy.

At first, I use pen to draw how will the bottle be cut. Then cut it accordingly.

I cut a 2-3 cm diameter hole for hanging on poles or hooks.


After cutting, I use a hook to hang it next to my son's book shelf.
This is good to save space because my son's desk is small. Besides books, there is no space for other stationery. By using this, the stationery can be stored tidily. He can also get the stationery needed easily as it is now put next to his desk.
When my son has time or interest, he can use acrylic color or colorful adhesive tapes to decorate it.

Or, it can be used in the kitchen to store eating utensils. Our kitchen is small, storing knives, forks, etc. horizontally is wasting space.

But storing them vertically, more space can be saved for other purpose. : )



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