Sunday, June 16, 2013

Paper Crafts - Paper Bag Puppets Round Up (1)

I like to do paper crafts with my son.

We use carton box to make tank or other things.

We love paper folding, scratch paper drawing, etc.

Recently, I discover paper bag crafts.

I think my son must want to try this, too.

To give my son some ideas on what to do with paper bag, I have summarized some ideas on my Pinterest.

Share some with you here! : )

Most people like to make animals with paper bags.

Lovely black cat and other animals! : )


More ....

But I think making human beings is more special. I think these two can be better if clothes, hands and legs are added to them.
I like below cartoon figures most. They are so funny!

For sources and more paper bag puppets, please go to my Pinterest.

For paper puppet craft kit with pastel color paper bags, googly eyes, color papers, feather, yarn and other special materials, please go to:

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