Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bottle Kids Crafts - Round Up (1)

Here are some plastic bottle kids crafts for sharing with you.
It is so creative to cut the bottom of the bottles and make them to flowers. A very great home decor!

It looks tidy after storing food in bottles. I think if you let the children decorate the bottles with Acrylic colors and then put small objects in by themselves, they must be very happy. Small objects can be crayons, colored pencils, rubbers, small toy cars, etc.
A pretty pumpkin
So creative to use zipper. I never think of sticking instead of sewing zippers. Truly great idea!

Funny penguins! Children must enjoy the painting process : )
At last, I want to link to a blog, which has a very good round up of bottle crafts.
I like the jewelry stand at the left bottom corner very much. ^^

For the sources of the above, please check from my Pinterest.

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