Thursday, May 9, 2013

Paper crafts - scratch paper birthday card to my son

My son's birthday has just passed.

Time flies. He is seven years old now.

This year, my son said that he wanted to receive a birthday card from us.

Oh! That was a great idea. I had never sent him a birthday card though there were birthday gifts and cakes for him every year.

So I tried to think what birthday card should I give to my son.

I never thought of buying one from shop though they might be more beautiful.

I wanted to make one solely for him.

Finally, I decided to use scratch paper to make a special card for him.

I found a cake picture in computer from free coloring pages.

I used wooden pen to draw it on the scratch paper.

Then I sticked it to a bright yellow card.

When he first saw the card, he opened his eyes wide and said that is so beautiful.

I love you my son, I will keep this card properly.

And in the coming years, I will make cards for you, too.

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