Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kids Party Food - strange shape boiled egg

On my son's birthday, I planned to give him a surprise in his lunch box.

I thought and thought. And finally, I decided to make a strange shape boiled egg.

At first, I boiled the eggs as usual. But this time, the egg yorks must be well cooked.

I peeled off the shell.

When the eggs were still hot, I put them into cookie molds.

Cookie molds were wiped with butter first.

I chose the Christmas tree and star shape molds.

Then I put the boiled eggs inside the molds, wrapped them tightly with microwave wrap.

And used rubber bands to tie up two cardboards tightly around the eggs.

Then put them in fridge for 15-20 minutes.

But the shapes of the eggs were not good.

Thus, I just used knife and cookie mold to help me cut out funny shapes.

Though strange shape boiled egg was failed, my son said he liked the egg I prepared for him, too.

Thanks, dear son.

I think if I want to be successful, next time I should use cookie mold in more simple shape, like square or heart shape.

Below pictures are got from a science magazine for children.

The successfully made eggs are so funny!


I think I will try to make again with my son.

This is really funny!

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  1. Those are neat! I have some bento egg molds that made car and rabbit shapes, but I've never tried to use a cookie cutter.


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