Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Kids Crafts - Paper Chain

I want to do some kids crafts with my son for decorating the Halloween Party. I found an article which is very useful and easy to understand.

The article is copied from:

Besides the cat template shown below, there are other templates for Halloween party, e.g. spider, ghost, pumpkin, etc.

To read the article, please click button below.

Our example will use the halloween cat template file. Open the file by its link, download, open and then print. (If using Ultimate Paint, set the image width to 3.5 inches.) Use scissors to cut a straight path between and including each pair of vertical hair lines. Extract the surrounding rectangle from the paper. It should be 2.75 inches wide.
All the templates have been specially designed to fit sheets of paper that are 11 inches wide. Such is the case for letter-size paper that is oriented lengthwise. Fold the paper in half lengthwise, then fold the top and bottom edges backwards to meet the central fold. This will make an accordion fold 2.75 inches wide. The folded paper will make a paper chain of four linked shapes.
Position the template on the folded paper so the scissor cuts between the vertical hair lines match the folds on the paper. Fix the template in place with several paper clips. Cut along the outline of the (cat) shape, holding the folded paper firmly and repositioning the paper clips as required. Cut through all layers at once. DO NOT CUT ALONG THE FOLD LINES! These locations were indicated by arrows on the template printout.
Now open up the folds to reveal your paper chain and look out ... some creepy cats are on the prowl!
For a longer chain, join several chains together end to end with invisible tape.

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